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All inclusive for entrepreneurs: perfectly equipped offices and facility services.

Five Reasons for Techno-Z Saalfelden

  1. Offices
    We offer small individual offices and larger office spaces as well as flexible workplaces in the coworking space. Free offices

  2. Infrastructure & service
    Our business infrastructure and professional facility management supports you in your core business: eg seminar room, common areas, free parking. Ask for a viewing appointment.

  3. Personalized support
    Techno-Z management attaches great importance to personalized attention, from the first informational meeting to the choice of a suitable office to any special requirements for ongoing operations.  Meet our team.

  4. Vital business environment
    Saalfelden is a highly dynamic economic region with very good transport connections: 700 small and medium sized companies, high-level educational institutions and schools eg the in the Techno-Z located Studien- und Managementcenter Saalfelden. Company directory

  5. Living & Leisure
    Living in Saalfelden means living with a very high quality of life: Saalfelden is a top-tourism-destination unique with extensive sports and leisure possibilities, best culinary locations in a picturesque landscape. Learn more about the leisure activities.

Techno-Z Saalfelden: attractive business environment & commmunity.

Techno-Z Saalfelden: offices and workplaces.

Many sports and leisure activities.